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DeMolay in Reno is staying active in a Virtual World

The DeMolay chapter in Reno is doing their best to stay active while doing meetings, activities and Installations virtually. Valdo A. Sei has had two virtual installations, a Hamilton movie night and a Harry Potter virtual escape room night just to name a few!

We would love for our Masonic Family to join us for the next Virtual Installation in April, please keep an eye out for the date and time. But, before that we have a couple of activities we would like to ask for your help with.

February 22nd at 7 pm on what would be our normal meeting night we are hosting an Among Us game night with raffle prizes. Ask the young man in your life what Among Us is and he will surely let you know! Spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers that the young man they know could win a $50 Visa card just for logging in and playing with us! They must go to our web site and Register!

Everyone needs to eat and Valdo A. Sei needs to earn money to get the chapter members to Convention this year in November! Starting with a dine to donate hosted by Chipotle.

Please join us on February 27th 4pm - 8pm at the Chipotle in North West Reno - 5144 Mae Anne Ave.

Show the flyer (hard copy or digitally is accepted) or use the code ZKC9VJM when you order online.

Thank you for reading our first Blog ever on our new website!

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